What is Mille Grain or Millegrain in Jewelry?

A technique was developed in the late 19th century as a textural effect to metal work on the edges or bezels of jewelry. That technique is referred to as millegrain (or mille grain or even milegrain). From the French word mille for a thousand, and from grain as the same meaning in English, it refers […]
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The Vintage Engagement Ring – What Diamond Cut to Choose?

When buying an estate jewelry, antique,  or even a vintage engagement ring, there are a few  options in antique diamonds. Many of us are not familiar with what those diamond really look like and their differences. First, a definition for a couple of terms used for diamond cuts. Facet: This is one small planar surface […]
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Choosing an Engagement Ring – A Guide for Men

It is a vast world out there when it comes to choices for engagement rings. There are financial considerations as well as those of style and of course, all of the emotion that goes into the proposal and making the woman of your choice thrilled beyond words. Below are a number of tips and suggestions […]
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What’s in a Name? Vintage Jewelry or Not?

Many of us are confused by several descriptive words: antique, vintage or estate. When it comes to buying jewelry, or furniture or anything for that matter, age makes a difference.   And no wonder there is befuddlement, as for all of those terms, there is no standard definition. The good news is that there are […]
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Clarity of Vision – Seeing Beyond The Three C’s of Diamond Buying – Part II

Clarity in a diamond, we have all heard about it, but what does that really mean when one looks at a diamond or diamond ring? What do I see in real life? How beautiful is a diamond with a certain clarity? Clarity is a value based upon inclusions. Inclusions are natural flaws in a diamond […]
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Color My World – Seeing Beyond The Three C’s of Diamond Buying – Part I

Many are familiar with the Three C’s of diamond buying: color, clarity and cut. For a quick review diamonds are graded for color from white to yellow starting with D as the highest or whitest color. White diamonds are often also grouped further. They are termed in the following way: Colorless: (or whitest) if they […]
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